2015 was the year of truth for `PassaParola’. My first full year as a full-time, self-employed worker. Exciting times!

And it was a very pleasing and varied year. Curious about the projects that passed through the office last year? Well, I’ll go into that in the annual report below.

2015 meant …

A varied customer base

financeOne question came up frequently whenever I introduced myself: “Who are your biggest clients?” Well, most of my clients are active in the financial sector or in IT. So, a familiar and a new, emergent sector, respectively. In 2015, the biggest projects actually came from government agencies and the tourist sector. So I could count on widely different content.

A pile of web-based texts

Build SoftwareWebsites, newsletters, blogs and news items – they have kept me quiet for many an hour! That ranged from a few big projects for a government agency and some multinationals through to the websites of some small NGOs and SMEs. Each of them afforded me an interesting challenge. But 2015 didn’t just throw up web-based texts. I also translated official documents such as court judgments, deeds, contracts and more wacky items, such as a quiz or Christmas wishes. Read more about some of my project references.

Some studying, every now and then

courses translator copywriterA good text requires insight into the topic about which you’re writing. Regular extra training is, therefore, very important. In order to better serve my clients in those sectors, I took courses in translations for the financial and tourist sectors, among others. I honed my copywriting skills with a general refresher course, a seminar on writing for tablets and smartphones and extra training on internet- and content marketing. I’m now a natural at web-based texts.

A second child

evi_mirte_tegelIn late September my baby daughter Mirte was born and I took a few weeks’ maternity leave. Fortunately, that wasn’t a problem for my customers. Many thanks for your customer loyalty and your congratulations!

So 2015 yielded some great highlights and, above all, a big appetite to get weaving in 2016 as well. Do you have a new project? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact me by info@passaparola.be or +32 (0)498 41 93 10.

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