New brochure about the new Belgian company law


On 1 May 2019, the new Code of companies and associations came into force. This new law had important consequences for the cooperative societies working in Belgium. That’s why Febecoop, a consultancy agency specialised in cooperatives, worked out an elaborate brochure about the new company law. The director of Febecoop, Peter Bosmans, asked me to translate the brochure from French into Dutch. He knew I was familiar with the philosophy and laws surrounding cooperative entrepreneurship. He also immediately pointed out that the vocabulary had profoundly changed in the new code and sent me the most relevant legal texts as reference material.

Thanks to this proactive attitude our collaboration went extremely well. Based on the reference material, I created a terminology list in my translation software, which allowed me to immediately find the right Dutch equivalent for a French term and to apply it consistently in the target document. I also made a translation memory for Febecoop, so that repetitions within the texts of the organisation would be identified and translated automatically. That way I could translate later changes to the brochure in a faster and more coherent way.

I recommend Febecoop’s brochure to everyone who is involved in a cooperative project (or who would like to start one). It not only outlines the general framework of the new law and the cooperative principles, but also gives suggestions on how to adapt existing statutes. You can order the brochure on Febecoop’s website.