Communication plan

Your marketing texts achieve their goal especially when they are read at the right moment by the right target audience. A good communication plan is therefore key. You don’t know where to start? Ask for my help.

A sound communication strategy is gold

If you want to be successful in doing business, you ensure that your marketing and communication strategy is well-tuned. As a copywriter I will ask a lot of questions to find out your identity, your goals and your audience. Your answers make the writing process easier and the texts more effective. For instance, you don’t want to put off your potential customers by using the wrong style, do you?

A communication plan tailored to your business

Once you know what you want to achieve, you consider how you are going to get there. This is where a communication plan is convenient. It offers a clear overview of:

  • your target audiences
  • your marketing strategy and specific KPIs
  • your message(s)
  • the appropriate channels
  • your budget, and
  • the timing

Dedicate enough time to such a communication plan or call upon my expertise. This investment always pays itself back.

Communicate more effectively thanks to your communication plan

When you write a communication plan, you will get a clear view on the steps to take and their desired impact. You will communicate in a more focused way and spread your actions better in time. As a freelancer I can help you to stick with your planning. Because we all tend to forget our marketing when it’s busy.

Need a communication plan? Ask for my help!