Looking for a translator to translate your texts from French, English or Italian to Dutch? You can always count on me. I only translate into my mother tongue. That approach brings the best result.

The right translator for your commercial texts

Maybe you have already noticed it: marketing texts require a very different translation than technical documents. Do you want your website, newsletters, brochures … to be translated both correctly and fluently? Call upon my services. I like texts that need more creativity and translated texts for marketing, cultural institutions and lifestyle in the last years.

A translator with an eye for the SEO of your website

My priority? To tailor your message to your new audience, its cultural sensitivities and writing style. When it concerns websites, I take SEO into account and, in collaboration with you, I look for the right key words in Dutch, as every linguistic group has its own key words that can’t be translated just like that.

A good translation of your informative documents

Also for texts about corporate social responsibility, sustainable finance and IT, you can count on me. I have acquired a lot of experience in those fields. So I am very familiar with the terminology and style of your organisation.

How much do my services as a translator cost?

The price of a translation depends on the number of words in the text, a possible round of copywriting, the format of the file and the urgency. Preferably, you provide the documents in an Office format (bv. .doc, .xls or .odt). That way I can analyse them immediately and create a correct quote. You can scan paper documents and send them electronically. Through OCR technology I will convert them into an editable format.

How fast does a freelance translator work?

I translate about 2500 words per day. Do you expect an urgent translation? Contact me in advance. You will receive a price indication with a fixed unit price. If you agree, I will block the necessary time in my planning. It allows you to receive your translation on time and for a good price.

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